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SellNewBuyNew | 01 October 2017

Searching for an apartment can be a huge time investment and as time goes on, you'll probably find yourself changing your mind on things just to get the process over and done with.

Being flexible definitely has its advantages.

But it's also very important to remember the things you can't budge on - especially if it's really going to stretch your budget.

Furthermore, if you're a couple looking for an apartment to call home, it's best to discuss beforehand what the two of you need to be comfortable and happy living together.

We've put together some things for you (and your partner) to think about to help you create your own 'deal-breaker' checklist.

Within the apartment, some important features to consider are:

  1. Do you need spare rooms?

  2. Think about your routine when you both get home after work?

  3. Does he need a man cave?

  4. Does she need an at home office? What about on weekends?

  5. Does one of you watch TV in the lounge while the other listens to music in another room?

  6. Do you want some outdoor space?

  7. Is a balcony sufficient?

  8. Where will you be able to hang out the laundry?

  9. Would you like to be able to entertain outside?

  10. Do you mind parking on the street or do you need a car space? Perhaps two?

  11. Are you a light sleeper?

  12. Is there noise or light from outside coming into the bedroom?

  13. Will it get the first hit of morning sun?

  14. Is there ample natural light inside the apartment?

  15. What kind of lighting and fixture are used?

  16. Do you prefer a gas or electric stove cooktop?

  17. Are you sensitive to the heat or cold?

  18. Is the apartment well insulated?

  19. How good is the cooling and heating systems?

Things to consider in regards to location:

  1. Do you need to be close to public transport?

  2. Is it safe for you to walk to and from the bus stop?

  3. Can you hear trains or trams from inside?

  4. Are there grocery stores conveniently close by or on the route home from work?

  5. Do you have easy access to main roads and freeways?

  6. Are you in your suburb of choice?

  7. Are there adjoining suburbs you would consider or completely rule out?

  8. Do you want to be close to family and friends?

Know your budget – have you considered all additional costs such as:

  1. Any additional travelling costs to and from work?

  2. Can you afford to pay for things like changing appliances or upgrading your cooling/heating system?

  3. Will your current furniture suit/fit the apartment?

  4. Will you need to purchase more?

  5. How much can you afford to pay in Owners Corporation fees?

  6. Will there be any new lifestyle costs?For example, if you like to order food in frequently, are the restaurants close by within your budget?

  7. How much will it cost to catch an Uber to your favourite pub? How much disposable income will you actually be left with?

  8. Making this checklist now saves you from making poor choices later or experiencing 'decision-fatigue'. It also takes the emotion out of choosing an apartment.

  9. Having a checklist keeps you within your parameters so you'll know straight away if the apartment is a fit.