Frequently Asked Questions

A: Buyers are tired of having to deal with different sales channels to get great prices for newly built or off-the-plan property. There are thousands of new properties being built right across Australia and your ability to get the best prices will usually only happen when a developer can achieve multiple sales quickly.

SellNewBuyNew uses the collective buying power of thousands of people to negotiate the very best deals for new properties all over Australia. When you join SellNewBuyNew, you join a buying group that demands great property prices.
A: Photos and information that identify a development is only available to SellNewBuyNew members. Once you have joined SellNewBuyNew, you will be able to receive all relevant information about any property that meets your search criteria. This process protects developer identity and registers you to be eligible for the SellNewBuyNew member discount advertised on our site.
A: Properties listed on SellNewBuyNew can often get a large amount of enquiry from members interested in wanting to know more about a development as well as more about the discount and/or incentive available. Developers can only offer the incentives for a limited time because of the high likelihood the property will sell quickly. We have put time limits in place to try and minimise buyer disappointment wherever possible.
A: A buying group is a collection of members looking to leverage their buying power to get the very best deals in the market. SellNewBuyNew is a buying group for people interested in new property. Our members include investors, owner occupiers and first time buyers; we work with hundreds of property developers across Australia to get our members the best possible deals.

By joining SellNewBuyNew, you can be confident of finding great deals on new and off-the-plan property. We leverage the collective buying power of thousands of people to negotiate the very best prices available in the new property market. Membership to SellNewBuyNew is free to join and use, so start saving thousands in discounts and/or incentives on new and off-the-plan property today!
A: Nothing. Membership to SellNewBuyNew is totally free to join and to use.

A: Developers pay SellNewBuyNew to list their developments and/or pay a set price per enquiry about their development. We don’t receive commission or any other incentives. This ensures you always receive the best possible price for new property.

A: It depends. Many developers have agreements in place with agents to sell directly to SellNewBuyNew members. Agents and sales brokers often reduce their developer commissions because they know that SellNewBuyNew members are qualified and in the market to buy. By dealing directly with SellNewBuyNew members, agents save time and have set negotiated prices they can work to.
A: We encourage SellNewBuyNew members to enquire about properties that meet their search criteria as soon as possible. This maximises the chance of being able to speak to a developer and to buy the new property with the incentive that’s been offered. If you miss out on a specific apartment, townhouse or house and land package, try speaking to the developer about any other incentives that they might be able to offer you or try enquiring on another property that meets your interest.
A: They certainly can be a great investment if you can buy them at the right price or get the right incentive. By dealing direct through SellNewBuyNew, you leverage the collective buying power of thousands of people and maximising your chance of buying a new property for the best possible price. By joining SellNewBuyNew, members reduce the risk of paying too much for new property. This is often reflected in the bank valuations at the time of settlement.
A: Developers and builders often want to sell large volumes of new property quickly. Sometimes it might be to obtain finance for part or their entire development; other times it is because they have several different developments and slow sales can impact their overall profitability. Many developers rely on agents and middle sales channels to sell new property, but these channels are often focused on more than one development. This can lead to cross selling and slower sales cycles; all the things that a developer is looking to avoid.

If you are a genuine buyer, developers want to deal with you directly and will put the right deal in place to make sure a sale happens quickly. SellNewBuyNew leverages the collective buying power of its members to negotiate the best possible price for new property.
A: There are several ways that discounts and/or incentives can be provided to you.

1. The first is a straight discount provided off the normal public retail price and that is the sale price offered to you as an SellNewBuyNew member.

2. The second, and most common, will be in the form of a rebate provided at settlement. In these cases, you will receive your SellNewBuyNew members discount at the time your property settles.

3. In cases where a ‘buyer incentive’ is offered, you will receive the benefit of that incentive at the time the property settles – Examples of incentives could be rental guarantees, blinds packages, European appliances upgrades etc.
A: Absolutely not; quite the contrary. Many developers are choosing to list their entire developments through SellNewBuyNew. They prefer to deal with channels that offer large volumes of qualified buyers and will provide large incentives to sell stock quickly.

We have seen some agents and sales channels discourage people from joining SellNewBuyNew because by doing so, their commission can be reduced. We would rather the extra commission savings go directly to our members. So why not join SellNewBuyNew and save thousands off new property prices?
A: Yes you can. Most people that use SellNewBuyNew know what they can afford and have particular price ranges in mind, but haven’t got around to pre-arranging finance. If you have not yet secured finance, we can assist to find the right finance solution for you. Alternatively, many of the developers we work with have special rates and finance arrangements with lenders. Just let us know at the time of your enquiry so we can work with you to ensure you get the best finance deal.