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A place where you can find great deals and exclusive releases for new apartments/off-the-plan apartments, new townhouses and new house & land packages. The site is totally free to join and use.

SellNewBuyNew is a property buying group. As a member, you join thousands of buyers wanting to get the best possible deal on new property and off-the-plan property. The collective buying power of SellNewBuyNew provides our members the ability to achieve large discounts and/or incentives on new developments and access to exclusive market pre-releases. Enquiring through SellNewBuyNew can often mean many thousands of dollars in savings and/or incentives on a new property or a new off-the-plan apartment, new or off-the-plan townhouse or a new off-the-plan house & land packages.

After joining SellNewBuyNew, you will be provided broad information about properties that meet your specific requirements. You can choose location, number of bedrooms, price ranges and when you would like to settle/move into a property, but you won’t be able to see the exact location of the development until after you enquire, and the developer gets in touch with you to share the development details. This protects the developer and makes sure you are offered the absolute best deals in the market.

Enquiring about the discounts and/or incentives for the property are available for a limited time only. As soon as you enquire about a development of interest, you will lock in your interest at the price and incentive package available for that property.

What are SellNewBuyNew incentives?

SellNewBuyNew was designed to provide our members with great deals on new and off-the-plan property. Our members have unprecedented access to developers and real discounts/incentives for new property.

These incentives are provided by the actual developers themselves and include discounts, incentives and access to exclusive sale opportunities in the market. Additionally, our developers have provided extended time frames for our members to claim the offered incentives, most of which are exclusive to SellNewBuyNew members and cannot be found on any other property websites. To unlock a great deal on your new property, simply ‘Enquire Now’ on a property of interest and in no time at all, you'll be discussing your move in dates directly with the developer.

Why is SellNewBuyNew different?

SellNewBuyNew leverages the buying power of thousands of people to negotiate the best price on new property and off-the-plan property.

When you navigate through SellNewBuyNew, you generally won’t see real estate agent or information that is not relevant to your purchase decision. What you will see is important information on new and off-the-plan apartments, house and land and/or townhouses; you will see how much the price would be normally and what discount/incentive is available to you as a member of SellNewBuyNew.

Once you enquire, your details will be provided directly to the developer or their chosen representative, so they can provide further information about their specific project. From there, you can deal directly with a developer or a sales agent they may nominate to handle your enquiry. SellNewBuyNew is simple to use, totally free and will often save you many thousands on a new or off-the-plan property.

SellNewBuyNew differs from www.realestate.com.au and www.domain.com.au in that we are a member only buying group with a focus on new property and off-the-plan developments.  We have created a marketplace where interested buyers can lock in great deals and have direct contact with developers and/or their selling agents. When using SellNewBuyNew, you leverage the collective buying power of thousands of likeminded people to save thousands of dollars in discounts and/or incentives on new property and off-the-plan property.

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My wife and I had been looking to buy a new apartment to live in. We had a limited budget and we didn’t have the buying power to negotiate a great deal ourselves. The process of buying a property through SellNewBuyNew was simple; we searched, enquired and were dealing with the developer directly in minutes. We got a great price and our bank valuation was higher than our purchase price. We would absolutely recommend SellNewBuyNew to anyone looking for a new property.

John & Sue
Brighton, Victoria